Packaging automation: 4 key advantages

Packaging automation has been the big bet of many companies in recent years. And the advantages it offers are very notable, such as greater productivity at a lower cost. It is certainly something to take into account, but how?

In this article, we tell you everything about packaging automation. Will you join us?

Packaging automation

Packaging automation like the one offered by Sparck Technologies refers to the set of machines and technologies that allow products to be packaged and palletized en masse and with minimal human intervention; which is a clear advantage for many companies in the current market.


The machines used in these processes are usually:


– Strapping machines: once the pallet has been assembled, the strapping machines are responsible for securing and stabilizing the load, surrounding the entire pallet with strapping every few centimeters (depending on the height of the pallet).

– Wrappers: wrappers surround the pallet with palletizing film, so that it contracts, stabilizes, and secures the packages.

– Shrink wrappers: shrink wrappers wrap product packs with shrink plastic, which contracts through heat and completely adapts to the product, in a very safe, easy, fast, and clean way.

– Sealing machines: sealing machines place the adhesive tape on the boxes automatically, quickly, and easily.

– Packing machines: these machines directly form the boxes around the product.

– Palletizers: finally, the palletizers form the structure of the boxes on the pallets.


How to automate the packaging line?

Automating the packaging line is a complex process that requires previously analyzing several fundamental aspects of your processes.

Previous analysis

First of all, it is important to carry out a prior analysis that helps us be clear about what our objective is with packaging automation, first of all, we must ask ourselves what problem we want to solve, where the main points of improvement are, what we expect from automation and, of course, what resources we have for said change. Within the available resources, we are not referring only to economic resources, but also to physical resources, since this machinery is usually of large caliber and requires significant space.

If we do not have the space that the machinery requires, it may entail an extra cost, since you will have to expand or acquire new warehouses. It is also important to keep in mind that automating packaging means increasing your productive capacity, and you must also be prepared to face the consequences that this entails in order to “not die of success.”

From here, we can study the market alternatives to study the machine that best suits our products and objectives.

4 key advantages to packaging automation

Production efficiency

As the demand for your products increases, the need to automate your processes becomes more evident, so that you can produce more, in less time and at a lower cost. The time your operators spend on this process can be redirected to other more important tasks. In addition, this automation also allows you to improve your planning, controlling, and coordinating the rest of the supply chain processes. In this way, you can not only meet demand peaks, but it gives you the possibility of having a safe stock, and fulfilling your deliveries on time and properly.

Precision and uniformity

With the automation of packaging, there is no doubt that the precision and uniformity when packing goods is superior to if a person did it manually since, like every human being, we sometimes “make mistakes” that, in this sense, can result in packaging in poor condition, incidents or complaints. Automated packaging is programmed with different parameters to apply the same force, speed, and precision throughout the process so that the merchandise is packaged equally. Being so precise, they also reduce the chances of wasting material and its deterioration.

Cost reduction

Surely you have realized that the advantages mentioned above already represent a considerable cost reduction, but they are not the only advantages that allow you to reduce costs. With packaging automation you also relieve the work of your operators, since these machines can carry out the heaviest, most repetitive, and monotonous work, allowing them to dedicate their time to other more productive and/or necessary functions within the chain. This increases their satisfaction and you do not have to hire more staff.

Greater security

By automating packaging you also invest in the safety of both your employees and your products; since the precision of the process allows you to reduce risks and improves safety.


Packaging automation is relatively new. For several years now, large companies have begun to incorporate systems and processes that would allow them to increase their production, but, thanks to advances in technologies, R&D&I, changes in the market, etc.; Automation has become a current and necessary reality for many companies.

With these processes, companies manage to be competitive in such a changing market, which is necessary, not only by incorporating packaging automation but by incorporating automation, in general: processes, procedures, tools, computer systems, etc.

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