Why do you need Smart Maintenance in managing your company’s assets?

What is Smart Maintenance? You will find the answer in this article! Maintenance is an important factor for the sustainability of an organization or company. Whenever one of the components/equipment is damaged, it will cost and time to repair/replace it. You may need to pay some workers to fix the broken component and it may not work out the way you expected. There is always the risk of an accident which sometimes can even kill someone’s life (if you manage an organization or company that involves large and dangerous equipment). In many cases, poor maintenance can destroy a business in no time. If you’re running a manufacturing company, you don’t want that to happen.

You need Smart Maintenance!

Prevention is always better (and much cheaper) than cure. By preventing this, you can reduce the risk of large expenses that you may not be able to control. The cost of replacing kits, delegating workers in the field, and ordering certain components can be minimized. Thus you can streamline your business, both in terms of cost and time. One thing you have to realize is that Smart Maintenance can prevent you from adverse things related to your company’s operations. And it always starts with your ability to measure all your assets. Without the ability to measure every important asset, Smart Maintenance is impossible to apply.

Internet use

The internet has changed everything and not only serves to find information and manage your virtual friendships, but network technology can also help you manage all your assets. Especially with the presence of 4G and 5G technology, the Internet is now a technology with spectacular global reach, capable of connecting and sending data from various devices. In the end, sophisticated network technology will also produce sophisticated devices, one of which is the so-called IoT device. It is an Internet-based device that can perform tasks previously thought to be very difficult to perform, such as recording temperature, humidity, vibration, and fluid flows in detail.

The data collected by the IoT device will be streamed back to a data storage container to be processed by an AI-based data processor. Then the data processor will display various visual representations that explain to you the problems that you might experience within a certain timeframe. Thus you can predict what you need to prepare to prevent the highlighted components from being damaged. That’s what prevention means because you can prevent bad things from happening to your assets suddenly. Smart Maintenance is a maintenance system based on high technology, in this case, IoT and AI. By using this system, near real-time telemetry can be presented to you as the most important analytical material for assessing and controlling your company’s important assets.

There are many large companies that have implemented Smart Maintenance for years. One of them is Mercedes, which embeds an IoT device in every new Mercedes car with the aim of reducing the risk of engine errors by predicting them before they happen. Mercedes’ implementation of Smart Maintenance ultimately increases customer satisfaction and strengthens the brand in the eyes of both consumers and those who have not yet purchased!

If you are interested in implementing Smart Maintenance, you will need to consider several parameters such as costs, long-term value, market share, margins, and so on. This way you can choose the Smart Maintenance system that really suits your company’s needs, and not get caught up in wasting money unnecessarily. Smart Maintenance is inseparable from data and so far, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software is the best data-collecting tool. CMMS works by collecting all relevant information from every asset used and when that data collector is combined with IoT and AI devices, a Smart Maintenance system is born.

However not in every situation Smart Maintenance is really needed. If you work in a business unit with minimal equipment, basic maintenance may be enough for you. It all depends on your decision to assess whether you really need this maintenance system. We hope that this short article gave you an overview of how network technology can play a role in minimizing operational losses that may occur in the future. Thanks for reading!

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