The Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes + How to Avoid Them

Marketing actions are fundamental for any company, regardless of size or area of activity. A commercially active company, that grows consistently, reaching its sales targets, is certainly carrying out its digital marketing actions correctly. It is not an easy path, but an important one: increasing brand awareness, attracting new consumers, and building good relationships, in addition to generating sales, adds value to the company.

Many companies are not doing well and are not clear about what is wrong. Small or big mistakes, it doesn’t matter. The negative impact of them failing to achieve their goals is crucial.

So, check out the list of the worst mistakes made in digital marketing and how to avoid them!

  1. Not showing up on time

You know, because you do it like this: when you need something, you open Google and search. Whatever it is, Google is part of your journey and those who are not found are not considered. That simple! If you intend to occupy a leading position in your market, you must be found on Google for searches carried out by potential customers. But this error is not just related to Google. When browsing the Internet, the data provided by the potential customer’s behavior suggests their intentions to digital media vehicles. In a less technical explanation, this means that you will be able to advertise on social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, appearing to the people who need you now.

So, on one side, you appear to those who search passively (Google), on the other you appear proactively (social networks), reaching greater market potential.

  1. Not investing in SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques aim to place the company’s pages highlighted in organic search on Google and other search engines. They are important because the better positioned the pages are, the more clicks they receive and, therefore, the more visitors can become customers. If you don’t use these techniques, you lose a lot and you have no idea how much! To give you an idea, according to data from Advanced Web Ranking, the first place in organic search receives around 28% of clicks, while the second position concentrates 18% and the third 11%. In other words, if you don’t use SEO, your website will not appear in the best positions and, consequently, you will lose a very large portion of the business occurring in your segment. This is the rational reason, but there is an emotionally relevant reason in the customer’s decision-making: due to a phenomenon called the HALO effect, many people perceive the company ranked 1st on Google as the best purchasing option and/or the leader in its market.

If you have not yet experienced results like this in practice, as you have never reached the top of your dreams, the sales results provided by the number 1 position are incredible.

In this case, I recommend researching and reading top digital marketing books.

  1. Not advertising

Do you still not have the organic reach necessary to reach your growth goals? Patience, are you going to lower your goals? No! If there’s a quick way to get closer to the right person, at the right time, it’s through ads. Digital marketing provides incredible paid traffic technologies, allowing for great targeting options. But be careful not to fall blindly in love with paid media, burning funds and bridges!

  1. Being completely dependent on paid media

“Never put all your eggs in one basket”

Did you know that the same marketing and sales strategies that worked last year are not working this year? And that this has been repeating itself from 2019 to 2020, from 2020 to 2021, from 21 to 22, and will continue to be so?

If your company also felt this decline and did not reach its goals, you are not alone! To maintain (and increase) sales, you either increase your investment proportionally or optimize your strategies, reducing CAC. Therefore, strategies based 100% on media dependence are terrible. It is essential to diversify to reduce risks, SEO reduces CAC, increases brand reputation, and shortens the sales cycle, considering that it meets existing demand passively and proactively (which searches for a solution).

  1. Being boring

Would it be much easier if a marketer’s life was just about creating commercially direct ads? Yes, but life is not a fairy tale. Nobody likes ads: that’s the blunt truth. Not even those who make a living like them when they are on the consumer side. People spend a lot of time on the Internet every day, but it is not due to advertisements, but for content, entertainment, and relationships. Advertisements are essential, but they should be a means of approach and not the icing on the cake of a strategy that understands consumer behavior and desires.

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